When to Sell Your Home - Finding a Buyer

When to Sell a Home – Find Your Buyer

The chances are high that some day you will actually sell your home. In America, over 4 million houses are sold yearly by private owners who typically resided there for just nine years or so. Even though selling a house is by far less complex than buying one, there are many details to think about. Here’s what to think about when it comes time to sell your house.

Set Your Asking Price

First, make sure you’ve set your asking price correctly. Brokers and agents work with sellers all the time and it’s common for them to ask potential buyers what they are willing to spend. Ask yourself what kind of property you’re looking for and how much you can realistically afford. Make sure your realtors and brokers know this so that they don’t list your home at a price that doesn’t suit you or the potential buyers you’re trying to attract.

Make Sure to Have a Realistic Budget Before You Sell Your Home

Second, set a realistic budget. If you’ve found a real estate agent and a broker you feel comfortable with, contact them to discuss your home sales. Get an idea of what they want for a starting asking price and then discuss whether or not this amount would be adequate for the property. While you may not know what the market will do, knowing what your real estate agent and broker want for the asking price will help you when it comes to negotiating with potential buyers. Make sure you understand all fees involved before you put any money down on anything.

Use a Real Estate Agent When You Sell Your Home

Third, use the assistance of a real estate agent or broker when you have difficulty finding potential buyers. While the Internet can be helpful to those looking for a new home, it can also be a hassle to those who aren’t comfortable using the Internet to locate homes for sale. A real estate agent or broker can make the initial search much easier. They will also have knowledge of the most popular homes being listed for sale in the area. The Internet has made it very easy for potential buyers to find you but using an experienced realtor is still highly recommended.

Put Together a Listing Agreement

Finally, once you have a list of potential buyers you are interested in, you must have a proper listing agreement. This is a written contract between you and the buyer that outline all the information regarding the sale of your house. It is absolutely critical that you take the time to write a listing agreement because this document will legally define how the property will be transferred between you and the buyer, especially if you are working with new homebuyers. While it is important to have a real estate agent to help you with this process, you can often negotiate a listing agreement on your own.


Once you understand when to sell a home, you can easily sell your home quickly and efficiently. Selling a home can be done very quickly depending on your market. In some areas it may take several months before there is any activity. You will need to decide how much you are willing to spend on marketing your house so that you can sell it for the highest price. Keep in mind that while you want to sell your home for the highest price possible, you don’t want to overpay. Your home should be worth the asking price so that you can get the most for it.

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